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Firefox helps to hide your email address

  There are many services that allow you to use temporary email addresses to keep your private identity. One way to hide your real email is to use email aliases that forward to your real inbox. Mozilla company, which has a strong focus on privacy on the Internet, recently introduced own solution called Firefox Relay .  For the moment, this service allows you to create up to five email aliases. Attachments and emails no more than 150 KB are currently supported and will be forwarded to your real email address. To get started, you need to install the Firefox browser and get a Firefox account. Email aliases can be created using a browser plugin. You can manage and create aliases on your profile web page as well. Once generated alias can be applied in any web browser or service. Trying to comply with security requirements, this service blocks spam and malware. Although Firefox Relay is currently in beta stage, it can already be used properly. New features are planned. For example, the abil