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Emergency email alert system for a team

There are many useful features in free email services that allow finding new use cases for electronic mail. In this tutorial we will review the process of creating the simple notification system in emergency situations using ( For this purpose we need two functions that are available in email service: delayed delivery of message and rules for processing incoming messages. Similar functions exist in other email services, such as iCloud, Gmail, Yandex.mail and GMX.

The main idea of our system is to create and disable delayed email messages. If delayed sending will not disable by the user, emergency alert email will be sent at the specified time. In other words, if user cannot or does not want to switch off delayed sending, it means the occurrence of a certain event.

How to enable delayed email sending:

All delayed messages are placed in the Drafts folder in Outlook. You can disable sending of these emails there.

Let's add another mailbox to our system. It will be a "dispatcher" and marked as in the diagram below:

System works as follows:
  • user1, user2 and user3 compose delayed messages for address
  • when a message received, mailbox forwards it to user4 and user5
Let's have a look at setting up a rule of our dispatcher. The rule named forwards all incoming messages that contain the word Houston in the subject line or message. You can also set other filtering conditions for the rule. 

All things done. In short time we have created our own emergency email alert system for a team.


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